Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Toe-Up Sock in Progress

Toe-Up Sock in Progress
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Here's the toe-up sock I have been working on in the car and at lunch. I decided, in a fit of whimsy, to do a different heel than I had originally planned. So, instead of a sock that looks like a top-down one, I did the gusset heel sock that WendyKnits just posted on her blog a week or two ago. I would not stop knitting last night until I finished the heel, so I was still a-goin' when Stephen Colbert came on (usually I stop by then!).

Doing the rest of the gusset and turning the heel was my reward for finishing the first sleeve on Juliet. One to go!

So, as for that Trekking wool/bamboo yarn. I am enjoying the mottled sort-of stripes. I think any of the colorways this one comes in would make nice manly socks--there is color and pattern, but nice and subdued. (Unless you are a man who likes bright socks--fine by me--I like a man in a happy sock!) It knits just fine, and is nice and soft, thanks to the bamboo. There isn't as much sheen as there is in some bamboo yarn. My only disappointment has been that there were some slubs or something in the beginning, which had me worried. But, it stopped after the first yard or two. If you get any of this Pro Natura yarn, be sure to check for pieces sticking out before starting.

I am using size 0 Knitpicks circular needles, and there are 64 stitches around the sock. It fits great so far. Onward and upward to the leg!

These are going to be so great at high school football games in the fall! (The McNeil Maverick colors are navy, dark green and white--very somber and hard to knit up perky items in.) I chaperone band students, and get a lot of knitting done on the way to away games!

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  1. What!?!? Trekking wool/bamboo!

    OMG! I certainly need to get to the yarn store. I knew about Regia (and bought a bit) but not the Trekking.


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