Monday, June 4, 2007

Starting Over--the Knitter's Nemesis

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Even though this is a small image, I'm posting this picture of a very funky Fiber Trends Bathtime Blossom washcloth pattern, because I was happy to see it came in at the LYS finally (I got this in the not-as-LYS down south). I think it's called Katia? Anyway, it's fairly thick, very soft yet sturdy cotton that comes in some really interesting colors, including one that looks somewhat like the color scheme to the room I am redecorating right now. So, if you live north of Austin, Texas, drop by to see this yarn!

I got about three inches into my Juliet sweater yesterday, when I saw a flaw in my garter stitching and began to unravel one stitch down to fix it. At that point I LOOKED at my garter stitching. Hmm. Then I measured it. Everyone at my house got a real chuckle when I came up with 47 inches around. It was supposed to be 40 (second smallest size in the pattern). I swear, I did get gauge on my swatch!

So, I got one size smaller needles (down to us 4 now I think) and cast on the number of stitches for the small size. That got me a 40" rectangle. Hmph. I sure do init nice-n-loose in garter stitch. So I guess I'll knit the stitch count of the small size, but make the height a little taller if there are any differences in that are. I want this thing to not be a beach towel when I am done.

So, even an experienced knitter doing plain garter stitch can end up having to start over! But, it's all in the process.

My beloved did take a photo of Slimy Green Sweater with his phone. But it's a new phone and it took a long time to figure out how to get the photo off the phone. Sigh. If I hadn't spent so much on home improvement supplies this weekend, I'd just have gone and gotten a medium-quality digital camera this weekend! (We let the kids take the old and a little klunky one on their trip to Ireland with their dad.) Anyway, this picture is AWFUL! I look tired (I am) and my hair is wet, plus the sweater looks lumpy. We'll try again. And when I get home I will at least edit the eerie blue light out of this one.

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