Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Slow Going

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Since I am spending a lot of time decluttering and rearranging things in my house, the knitting is going more slowly than usual. The off-white garter stitch rectangle is very pretty, though, and I knitted a bit of it in a traffic jam, which made that awful experience slightly better. I love the Debbie Bliss Rialto. Such lovely wool yarn.

The house rearranging has a knitting-related ultimate goal, because my hope is to get a fairly large wardrobe-like object to put in our new media room and hold my stash, rather than having the scary sock yarn explosion as a "decor item" in my bedroom, and the equally scary plastic drawers that are bursting their seams in there (um, not to mention the stuff hiding under the bed or in my former knitting closet). Soon, all yarn will be in its place. All patterns will be, too, because I emptied out a bunch of notebooks that held periodicals, saving the magazine holders. They will look lovely with patterns filed by type in them!

So, what's the picture of? It's the most popular item I made on display at the LYS. Little children love to play with and pet the doggie with the fab sweater on. The pattern is on the cover of one of the books of dog sweaters that came out a couple of years ago: Knitting for Dogs: Irresistible Patterns for Your Favorite Pup -- and You! by Kristi Porter. I used it in teaching a class on "create your own dog sweater," which was fun. I made my pug a pink and yellow fair isle sweater. He has worn it ONCE. I'll post that at some point, too. Anyway, the yarn is Berocco Qwest along with Laser FX. One skein each. It is an easy pattern, too--would look really cute on a small doggie.

Oh, and I am wearing my beautiful modular motif vest in the picture. I will post about that one soon, too. I LOVE doing those modular patterns!

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