Thursday, June 7, 2007

Rialto, Rialto, how I love you

This petulant child is wearing the thing I am working on now, ofwhich I can't stop knitting on the garter stitch portion. This young 'un looks peeved, upset, gaseous or pouty in the entire Debbie Bliss Rialto book. I am told that they make the people look depressed so you'll focus on the knitted item more, but dang, I am tired of looking at little miss pale and wan. (Not that I can say much, judging from the awful photo of me in the Shiny Green sweater.)

So, this is Juliet, which I would have made in the color depicted if we HAD that color, but instead settled on off white for. I will enjoy wearing it at work, fer sure. But mostly I am enjoying that springy, sproingy Rialto yarn! It feels so darned good to touch, hold, fondle...ahh, a knitter talking about yarn!! I don't want the nice, plain garter stitch square to ever end, but it will. I am on the third ball of yarn, and I think I am over halfway through the garter stitch, even with my slow progress. I'll enjoy the top half, too--it is certainly not mentally taxing knitting. But mmm, that nice vanilla-colored square. It's so nice and even, too!

Yes, Rosebud will get worked on more soon. I will eventually need some knitting stimulation, and won't want to work on the top in the car--you have to keep looking at the instructions, whereas I have memorized the Rosebud central pattern now.

Oooh, yesterday I got two more Addi Lace needles, so now I have US sizes 2-5. And, sigh, I bought sock yarn. New Zitron wool/bamboo blend that feels wonderful, in colors that are the kids' school colors (dark green and navy). If the indigo colorway I loved is still there on Saturday, I might get it, too. It has a slight sheen, and the indigo/deep navy just shades slightly. Would make a nice Manly Sock.

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