Monday, July 2, 2007

Coupling, from Knitty, on the Road

Coupling, from Knitty
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I've been on the road in North Carolina since last Monday, and doing a lot of knitting. Well, as much as I could, what with visiting, working, and sight-seeing.

I finished the Trekking Pro Natura pair, and the second one fit better than the first. Then I started these, which, as the title says, are Coupling, from the current offerings. I had a bit of trouble with the instructions (I do think there is a mistake in the heel, as it seems to think you'll have a zillion stitches at one point, and there is a 48 that should be a 28 in the numer of stitches you should have one one needle. And I had a bit of trouble following the toe instructions, too--I was told to purl a row I was pretty sure I should knit, and told the knit side was the WS. In good news, the second toe has turned out even better, after going over the instructions many times

Nonetheless, look, it's a sock! The heel is very nice and fits better than a plain flapped heel. The yarn really isn't the best for the pattern, but it looks sorta cool, and feels very good. I am enjoying working on the socks, and look forward to tomorrow's ten hours of knitting time to see how far I get on the second one.

Also on the trip, I got one of the bottom sections of a top in natural dyed cotton yarn, called the Surplice Lace Top, from the Nashua North American Designer Collection No. 4. The yarn is Natural Focus Ecologie Cotton, in logwood. It's a subtly motled yarn, due to the dye process.

I will be able to post more once I am home tomorrow! I will also post a cropped picture of the sock so you can see it, later.

(see July 5 post with photo of this sock for the explanation of why I had problems)


  1. Socks look great. Can you please tell me exactly where the errors are? I can (and should) submit corrections to Amy anytime.

    Thanks in advance.
    Deb B.

  2. Just found the rs/ws error on toe. Thanks.

    If you could send me the other problem area, that would be great.


  3. I sent Deb the one area I think is still a typo, but I will post separately an explanation for my main confusion, because I think it was pretty funny. Thanks, Deb, for writing!


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