Saturday, July 7, 2007

Save yourself $600 by Knitting!

My former roommate, the Apple enthusiast, sent me a link to this blog, which I just had so share: "My Mom Hand-Knit an iPhone" -- it's really pretty cute, and also has links to instructions to make a Razr cozy that looks like a pink poptart with sprinkles, if you are so inclined. So, don't buy one, knit one!

And to Dragonfly, thanks for the encouragement, but, sigh, I ordered 4 sock yarns yesterday, two Claudia handpaints from the lovely Loopy Ewe site and two from good ole Ray at Knitivity (I decided I had to have sock yarn in my favorite colorway, which I already have lace yarn in). So, no medal for me!

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  1. uh-oh, have to take the medal away *tease*

    I love that knitted iPhone!


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