Saturday, July 14, 2007

Monkey Socks on the Road

Monkey Socks on the Road
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Yay, I finished another pair of socks. That is pretty quick for me. It helps that I have been on so many car trips in the past few weeks. I finished the Monkey Socks in a mobile home near Ponder, Texas, visiting my partner's neice. We went up to pick up my oldest son from three endless weeks of debate camp. Sure is good to all be home!

As for the socks, as you can see, they are pretty. The yarn is quite thick, Socks That Rock. Color is Fire on the Mountain. The pattern is Monkey Socks from, and I don't think I modified it much at all from the original, other than the weird bind-off (note, not in the picture, but really, it looks fine and you can see it in the other shots I have in the Flickr feed at left.

So, I do love them, and will wear them a lot in the fall with Birks, as well as at home with no shoes.

On the trip back to Austin I started a toe up sock with a pattern I am making up out of the Glacier Lake sock yarn pictured in the previous post (it is now wound into a yarn cake, of course). My hands were hurting, plus I started it FOUR times (trying different cast-ons). I settled on the cast on where you use the backward loop and then pick up the bottom of the loops. That looks just as nice as the magic cast on, and is helpful when you can't remember exactly how to do the magic cast on (no Internet in the darned car). I'll take a picture of that sock in progress tomorrow when I have more done. So far, so soft and pretty.

Now I must knit something other than socks. My other projects are languishing.

I love socks.


  1. Those are amazing! Such great colors are a beautiful match with the pattern. Snazzy socks, indeed. Well done!

  2. Not only great colours but also great photo!


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