Friday, July 13, 2007

Yarn Lovelies

Yarn Lovelies
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As promised, I'm sharing photos of this week's mail order sock yarn extravaganza. I have been trying to not buy yarn and actually knit up what I have, but...oh that peer pressure. Actually, the Knitivity Glacier Lake far left yarn I have a plan for, and it will be my next socks. So that one was not a splurge. The Claudia yarns in the center, those were a splurge. I was just browsing and could not resist the two colorways (one is chocolate cherries and the other one I forget, but I'll add when I can see the yarn. I like the highly twisted base yarn Claudia (and a lot of others) use. I had a panic Wednesday when there was a rumor that Cherry Tree Hill was going to stop making its yarn with that base. But, they aren't--just introducing another line.

The top yarn is why I went to the Loopy Ewe in the first place--I wanted some of the sock yarn with Seacell in it, and I knew they had it. I like the pattern on the yarn band and may just use it for the socks I eventually make! The final ball of yarn I got just because I like those colors. They remind me of my kitchen, if only I could have replaced the blue in my wallpaper with purple. And the yarn is sooo soft. It's probably the stuff Ray isn't going to use any more, so I am glad I got it when I did.

And speaking of new yarn, I headed over to Astrid's site this morning and saw sock yarn with pompoms in it. Well, huh. Now I want one of those so I can touch it. Pompom sock yarn just seems weird, but she says it is soft. There also will be Kafe Fasset colors in Regia soon, which look very pretty with interesting stripe patterns.

Too many sock yarns, too little time. And sigh, I'd really like to make that Kauni sweater Ms. Yarn Harlot was working on recently. Must make solid color items for work. Must focus...

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  1. They all look beautiful but I really like that one on the far right. I'm curious to see what you knit it up to be.


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