Friday, July 27, 2007

Next Interweave Knits

I love it when magazines send out previews. It's nice that the folks at Interweave Knits give previews of the patterns in upcoming issues. And the extra photos they give really help get me drooling over possible new projects. Now I will have to just sit and wait for my copy to arrive, or try not to bend up a yarn shop copy until mine gets here.

What did I like in this issue? Here they are in order of which I love them. Not the order in which I am most likely to knit...

  • Tilted Duster: loved the way this looked and think it would be useful at my freezing work place or outdoors much of the winter here in Texas.
  • Dickinson Pullover: I am simply a sucker for a whole lotta cables, and these look way fun. Also totally impractical in the above-mentioned mild Texas winters.
  • Counterpane Pullover: I didn't think much of the small photo of the front, but when I saw the enlarged photo and the back, whoa! This looks like it would be great fun to knit! All sorts of directional knitting going on here!
  • Minimalist Cardigan: may not look too exciting, but also looks perfect for the office and would be neat in bamboo. So I think. This one I would use a lot.
  • Snowflake Socks: Of course I would mention a sock. It's graphically striking, and really, I've never liked any of the stranded or two-color socks I have started. Maybe this one will be different. Or at least fast, being sport-weight. Plus, I think I already have yarn I could use.

What do you like? And is this YOUR favorite knitting magazine? It's in my top three print magazines. They rotate.


  1. Tilted Duster all the way!

  2. I like Knitter's Magazine, Knit 'N Style and even Creative Knitting.
    Since I signed up for Knitting Daily, I've been (like you) drooling over the next issue of Interweave Knits!

  3. The Minimalist is definitely something I plan to knit out of this issue! Along with all the gazillion other things I plan to knit for myself ...someday!


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