Friday, July 20, 2007

My "Anniversary" Gift

Me Knitting
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Yesterday, or thereabouts, was the anniversary of the day I met my beloved Lee. It's been a whole year, woo! (Yes, we found true love late in life, but it's better than never.)

My anniversary gift was that he and my son made me a header for my blog (oh, would that it would center, darn those uncustomizable Blogger templates). Thank you, Lee and Beccano!

The picture that my son so carefully cut out was based on this photo. so you can see how far I am on the second Glacier Lake sock. I should have it done tonight if I get enough time to knit. If not tonight, fer sure tomorrow.

Oh no, that means I have to think of what to do next, sockwise. I have so much sock yarn (will post a stash photo tomorrow) and so many interesting patterns to try. Or I could make something up. Here are some ideas (and suggestions are welcome):

  • Another pair of Monkey Socks in a thinner yarn
  • Something delicate with a lot of stitches in Tofutsie, since everyone says it knits up small Update! Thinking of making Wendy's Toe-Up Feather and Fan to make a short-row heel, since I am out of practice on those.
  • A nice textured sock in the yarn with Seacell in it (Fleece Artist/Handmaiden Sea Wool) Update! Thinking that pattern on the yarn sleeve looks good, and I like the similar chevron-apattern socks I made a few years ago.
  • Something in Austermann Step, since the only sock I made from that was a gift
  • Something in that yarn from a couple of years ago that had a little shiny stuff in it
  • A slip-stitch pattern I am thinking of in my head, which would require a hand-painted yarn with lots of changes in colors
  • A relaxing, plain sock in one of my many self-striping yarns, in a color that is not blue or red.

I will look through my beautifully organized collection of sock patterns and see if anything strikes me. I think I don't want to make blue again, since I have made a lot of blue ones lately. Oh, but my Tofutsie is blue. Almost the same colors as the Coupling socks. Well, we'll see.


    1. I have so sock yarn to give you. It was a gift, and I don't like the colors (it's mystery sock yarn, but the colors are red and yellow and orange and...well, I found some old pictures: and

      It's yours if you want it. I've had it for about two years now, and I just don't love the colors.

    2. Thanks, Tina. It is rather, um, bright, but it would work perfectly for the pattern I am thinking of doing. I have used that yarn in another colorway before, and it is OK yarn, other than the color! It would be good to experiment on, though.


    Suna says thanks for commenting--I love comments!