Thursday, July 5, 2007

A Day Late...but...and Coupling Update

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In honor of the US Independence Day holiday yesterday, here's a photo of my US Flag socks. I made them last year from what I think was an Opal yarn (?). I am proud of them because I kept the striping pattern intact by doing the heel out of yarn from the other end of the ball of yarn. That also conveniently made the heel and toe blue. And luckily, both socks matched pretty well. I used up pretty much ALL of the blue parts to the ball of yarn, and only have red and white stripes left over.

Did I wear them yesterday? No. But I didn't leave the house, due to being in the monsoon season in Texas. (Floods are bad, folks--we drove through a lot of sad looking stuff in North Texas, and ALL our new grass in the backyard is GONE.)

So, to update on Coupling, as usual I posted a photo to my Flickr site, to share with others. Well, apparently either there are a lot of Knitty fans out there OR a lot of people search the word "coupling" on Flickr to look for titliating content. Geez Louise. Most of my photos have perhaps a dozen or two hits. This one has been up just a few days and has 124. I hope people enjoy the enticing view of my leg, wearing a sock.

The second sock is partway up the leg, so I should finish it this week or weekend. I did manage to knit more than one entire sock in the car on our two-day trip. I started the trip just above the heel on Sock #1 and got a bit farther than that on Sock #2 when my hands simply gave out on Tuesday. I don't think I could knit for a living. But, then, I think I knitted at least 8 hours that day.

I'll get back to the surplice top this weekend!


  1. Gosh Suna! You have been busy. Great socks, all of them. Thank you for the pattern links.

  2. Yeah, I have been busy (it is so nice to not have to spend 10 hours of the day working or driving there). But the flag socks were from last year at this time. I just posted them as a nod to the holiday, since I am not much of a celebrator!

  3. Those socks would be perfect to knit up for the soldiers as a leisure sock.
    They are beautiful.


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