Thursday, July 5, 2007

More on That Darned Sock

Oh, mostly I wanted to put the word "coupling" on Flickr again, ha.

But I figure it deserved another photo, since I figured out why I was so confused by the gusset instructions. The designer asked me to send her the corrections, which I actually HAD intended to do this evening or tomorrow (really, Deb, I did). She found the RS/WS mistake (as readers of the comments from Monday will see), so I went to find the others. I didn't have my printed instructions with me, so I went back to the original pattern. I looked at it, and said to myself, "Hmm, those numbers add up just fine, and I completely understand the instructions. And, Hmm, the M1 instructions also are clear. They weren't before!"

Then, I said, "DOH." I should have realized--I had printed too quickly and gone straight from my web browser (rather than cutting and pasting into Word, which I usually do), and the good ole color laser printer had cut off the very edges of the text! The correct number of stitches for the pattern row (28) was NOT on my printout, but it is there in the pattern! Magically, the pattern makes complete sense when you see all of it. The final K1 on the gusset instructions was also AWOL.

I should have known, because I did realize that you didn't knit 3 stitches to turn the heel, so I looked it up on my dad's computer and saw that 33[35] had been cut off. I should have put 2 + 2 together at that point and realized my issues with the gusset were due to poor printing, not typos.

So, though I did find a tiny typo or two, the gusset and heel were perfectly written. So, trust Deb, and go knit these socks. You will truly love the nice cupped heel and the airy pattern. Sorry for the confusion!

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  1. Ok, I got a giggle out of this. I can just imagine how many things might have gone wrong just by missing those edges.

    I hadn't hopped over here for a bit because I knew you were gone and then I was busy. Came back and there are 4 new posts!

    My birthday is July 4th so I'm especially partial to those flag socks.


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