Thursday, July 26, 2007

From October 2006: Walking Away Socks

Walking Away Socks
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I labeled this with the date I knitted the socks, so you won't think I churned these out overnight. I am really not all that fast of a knitter, no Wendy Johnson, sigh (she is so fast AND creative, even when she feels bad, what a gal!).

I just thought it was time to share an oldie but goodie, since I don't have a photo of my second feather-and-fan sock (I am heading up the leg now, so it will be done soon). That will be another pair of socks in a week, which is good for me.

The Walking Away Socks came out very nicely, I think. They are a Fiber Trends pattern that comes in three variants. They are designed to be work with open-backed shoes, so they have patterning going all the way down. i made these out of a light sportweight yarn that Joslyn's Fiber Farm sent as part of their sock club.* As far as I can tell, it's hand painted, and a lovely collection of lilacs and violets.

The front of the socks are a plain K1 P1 rib, which keeps the socks on nicely and lets you focus on the yarn in the front. The other two variants of the Walking Away Socks are also very nice, and I will try each of them, eventually. Certainly I have enough lovely sock yarn for that. Heh. And more keeps coming in...

Speaking of getting stuff, I got three books from the Interweave scratch and dent sale yesterday. One is the Christmas Stocking book, which I have borrowed my friend Katie's copy of, so I can now return that, and still EVENTUALLY finish the kids' stockings. Before they are adults. The patterns are complex, though. But I do have yarn ready for them.

I also got Wrap Style and a Folk Socks book. I could not remember if it was the one I already had, or the one I didn't. There are lots of books on folk socks. If I already have it, certainly it will make a nice gift for a deserving someone, so it is not a waste. The books were good deals and are not in bad shape at all, at least from a cursory glance.

* As for that sock club (and yay, they have updated their web design!). I've been in it for a couple of years and should probably resign. I like all the interesting sock patterns I've received, but the yarn's another story. Way too much of it is sport or worsted weight, and I don't knit many socks of that weight (I know many people do, and think it is good to give them some yarn they will like, just it isn't for me). Also, very few of the colors reflect my taste. (Of course, this means I have yarn I won't mind giving away as gifts.) I have a whole bunch of unlabeled yarn from that club, which I assume is yarn the owner dyed herself, but I don't know what the content is--wish they came with labels. I guess that's my main issue--the yarns no longer come with a sheet of paper saying what they are, and that makes it hard to know what to do with them. Still, the surprise is fun, so if you like surprises and want to collect some new patterns, I encourage you to try this or another sock club.

I do have a tip about sock club yarn. Whenever I get a shipment, I take the pattern that comes with it and write down which yarn it came with, on the pattern. That way, if I feel like knitting the pattern that came with one of the yarns, I'll know which it is, but I can still file the pattern with my other sock patterns and use if for other things, too.

Well, for someone who wasnt' going to post today because she wasn't feeling too well, I have certainly typed a bit. I have a meeting this evening, which means more time to knit! Last night I had to concentrate on singing, which messed up my short-row heel and I had to do parts of it twice. But I did learn my harmony parts. La la la.


  1. I like the walking away socks (and laughing a bit at the comment about speedy Wendy, I don't know how she does it!)

    I hope you are feeling better, whatever is ailing you.

    I like the blog header they designed for you, that was very sweet of them.

  2. The color of the yarn is perfect for that pattern. Lovely knitting!


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