Monday, July 9, 2007

Monkey Sock in Progress

Monkey Sock in Progress
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It was another home improvement weekend, so knitting took a back burner once I left the shop on Saturday. Still, I am this far on my latest socks, Monkey, the extremely popular Cookie A sock from I can see why people like it--the pattern is a lot of fun and it does neat things with hand-dyed yarn, like this very, very bright Socks That Rock colorway that I got as a gift (thank you, lovely gift giver). I am enjoying the way the colors are lining up (I am one of those knitters who likes pooling--it's an individual thing!).

The STR yarn is thicker than a lot of sock yarn, so these will be mostly for wearing with Birks, but that's fine. I would not want to cover up these festive wonders!

The Coupling socks went over well in the yarn shop, and I enjoyed wearing them for the first time (hot weather? who cares, I have new socks!). I was glad to be back "home" on Saturday, and enjoyed teaching 7 students, from 3 families. Mothers, daughters, daughters-in-law...what a fun group it was! I did feel a bit bad about leaving the family at home while I chatted with my old friends, but, hey, we had to catch up! And when I got home, not much had happened, so I didn't "miss" any house work.

It is Juliet's first day at work. She is doing her job and fighting off the killer air conditioning. And, my break is over, so I will go work!

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  1. I love how the sock is turning out. The pooling of colors is great. I love colors that pool.


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