Friday, July 6, 2007

Yarn Shop Visit Report

I realized this morning that I didn't write about the only yarn shop I visited on my trip to North Carolina. I was thrilled to learn that a new shop had opened in High Point, not far from my parental abode, out behind a restaurant I had eaten at many times. The restaurant owner had bought the land behind him and put up a small strip shopping center. And there was the new yarn shop (open since November, but new to me), Common Threads. (This is very good, because I have overburdened my dad's patience by making him take me to Greensboro and Winston-Salem to look at yarn many times.)

I am sharing the logo because I think they did such a nice job on it, and I love the slogan (if you can't read it, it says "For we are all joined by a common thread").

I showed up exactly at opening time, as I always do on Saturdays at home, and talked a while to the owner, who was very nice, for a crocheter (ha ha, JK as my kids would say (just kidding)). And I got to help a lady figure out how to weave in ends on a hat and how to cast on so that it won't be too tight, which made me feel good, since it was 10:15 on a Saturday and I am always helping people knit at that time! I'm sorry I didn't get more time to chat, since Dad showed up and acted as if I had enjoyed PLENTY of time at the shop (was he KIDDING??).

For a relatively new shop, they had a good variety of yarn from a lot of suppliers, though she hoped to get more. I remember when the shop I hang out at opened, it took a while for some suppliers to send their whole lines, or anything at all. The shop did have a good supply of needles and notions, too, and that's what I ended up buying--some of those really short circular needles (unfortunately the smallest was size 2, so I can't personally knit a sock on them due to my gauge issues) and some festive yellow Japanese stitch holders, since all I can find right now are giant ones.

I had to heroically resist purchasing more sock yarn. It was hard, because they had a couple of bands we don't have at home, plus a great Cherry Tree Hill selection. But, I am trying SO hard to get the stash to go down, not up! I think I deserve some sort of medal. Of course, the fact that I bought 4 pairs of shoes on this trip shows I really do not have good resistance to my weaknesses, so that would take away my medal.

Speaking of socks, 5 more rows and Coupling will be footwear! I can wear them to the LYS tomorrow! I am now trying to decide whether to make the Monkey socks or something of my own design with the Socks That Rock yarn-cake in line next.

Oh, and here's a photo of the Common Threads shop from the outside--do drop by if you are ever in the High Point of the Piedmont Triangle and support a new store!


  1. Jared asked me to teach him to knit! And he wants to learn more about tarot! This is definitely a huge improvement from the last boyfriend.

  2. The yarn shop sounds great. I just saw some Cherry Hill in Simply Knitting (someone won the creation of new color).

    As long as you hadn't promised to reduce your shoe stash, I think you get to keep the medal!


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