Sunday, July 29, 2007

Feather and Fan Tofustie Socks, FO

I got these fine summery socks finished on Friday afternoon. They worked up really quickly and were easy to do. Even though I don't like the way short-row heels fit, they certainly are easy! The only part of the socks that didn't work out terribly well was the garter stitch top edging, which wants to curl down. I have seen others put different tops on these, but I like the way these look when behaving nicely. I enjoyed how the green sections swirled and the rest of the colors mixed nicely.

Tofutsie definitely looks better knitted up than it does in the ball. Run out and buy some just for the antimicrobial properties of the chitin!

And I enjoy Wendy Johnson's patterns--visit her at Wendy Knits to see what you'd like to try!


I'm already well into the foot of a sock out of Panda Cotton. WOOO does that yarn feel nice!! I picked a wimpy baby kind of overly pastel colorway, but it will be nice and summery. The socks are called Forget Me Not, and are an anklet style with a nice picot top edge, which I found linked from the Crystal Palace site's collection of socks from their yarns. However, it actually comes from the Fiber Dreams blog, which is most enjoyable in itself There's a typo in the pattern where you are starting the gusset. It says:

Needle 1: S1, K5, place marker, K5.

It should be S1, K4, place marker... because there are only ten stitches there. Otherwise, a dandy pattern with sweet little florets on it (yes, I am telling the author, LOL).


In other news, a couple of days ago Sheri at the Loopy Ewe posted a blueberry pie recipe. That very day, my pie-crazed 14-yr-old son made us one, and I would like to report it is a delicious pie that is probably good made with other fruits, too. Her learned that it takes a while for a sauce made with cornstarch to start to thicken, but once it starts, it goes quickly ("Moooom, it's not thickening...MomDude, it's getting too thick!" "Well, take it off the heat, son!") Here is a link to a photo of our pie.

Um, do any others of you have children who call you "MomDude"?


  1. the colour is right up my street! Why do you think they roll? I have used the EZ sewn cast off when I do toe up though I also do my ankles close fitting.
    Your socks look really good.

  2. Perhaps I should have done a few more rows of garter stitch--it's basically stockinette in the feather and fan part.

    The cast-off for this one is not the standard, either. It's the one where you knit two, put them back on the left needle and knit through the back loops, knit another, put those two back on and KTBL, etc. That is more stretchy.


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