Sunday, May 6, 2007

Arm Warmers

Arm Warmers
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This is a practical item knit from necessity, not for art. But they did come out rather pretty, if a bit garish. It is so cold where I work that my arms get all freezing, and I have no idea how anyone wears short-sleeved shirts. So, I decided to make myself some arm warmers.

I chose Dashing off of, because it was long and simple, but not totally boring. It was nice to knit. Of course, I forgot to knit the second one with the cables going the opposite way, so there will be no right and left one, but big whoop.

Using what I think it more of a sport or DK weight yarn than what the pattern calls for, this is a little snug, but nice. The yarn is one I got sent as part of a sock of the month club, but I hate making socks on thick yarn, so I knew I wouldn't use it for that. The colors are really pretty in person (not in the photo, it's true) and are shades of turquoise, one shade of purple, and white.

A sign that they are a fine project is that the Older Boy informed me that he would "totally wear those" if I made them black with a little lime green for an accent. Oh yeah, I'll start that right away.

If these work, I may make others. I'd like to use that leafe pattern from the Fiesta Sweater in the leftover yarn from that, combined with a 2X2 rib on a pair. That would look nice alone or with the sweater. And there are a couple of other nice online patterns to try. On Flickr, there's a picture of the other side of this.


  1. I just made dashing with Wick from Knit One, Crochet Too.. and this was a great yarn for this project, it has great stitch definition for the cables. I don't think it comes in your Older Boy's colors though ;-)

  2. Hi,

    love the arm warmer, nice colour cos i m looking for one to knit for my 9yo girl. Tks for sharing.


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