Friday, May 11, 2007

Cherry Leaf Landmark

I'm totally focued on the Cherry Leaf shawl from Victorian Lace Today right now. And last night it hit a milestone--I finished all the cherry leaves. Ended up with 304 stitches across. Now I am doing 14 rows of garter stitch, after which I can bind off and do the lace edging. Sounds quick and easy. Well, until you multiply 304 X 14 = 4256. Perhaps I should not have done that calculation. Still, I have a concert to go to this evening, which is perfect for garter stitching! That will let me get going on the border at the yarn shop tomorrow. Woo.

Speaking of the yarn shop. They got in Addi lace needles. And they sold them out. Zoom. That's what happens when I miss a Saturday visit. I only ended up with size 3 and size 6 (47") because hardly anything was left. I look forward to using them on my next lace project, though.

And bad little Suna that I am, I also broke down and ordered the Knitpicks needle set, plus 0-3 in their longest circulars, plus two books. I got tired of waiting for the shop to get that top-down sweater book. I want to read it NOW (if I can put down I Am a Small Loop, which competes with my knitting).

Back to my LYS. They are going to host Louisa Harding on June 10! I am happy we are getting a visitor, since it is usually the other yarn store in town that gets all the fancy knitting guests (lovely place, good selection, just a bit far for me to drive to often and I don't get a discount there). It will be fun to go to the store on a Sunday, too!

Tomorrow will be a good knitting day, I hope. I hope to see Jody at the shop, and maybe meet my birthday shawl. I am then going to go on a hike with friends from my former job at Inks Lake State Park. If I am really lucky, I might sneak a visit to the rumored yarn shop in Burnet, which Jody and I have never managed to go check out on our own. Bonus: lots of car time for knitting.

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  1. Hey, when are you going to have some free time this weekend? I'd like to take you to a mom's day brunch, just us, since you're my local mom and all.


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