Thursday, May 3, 2007

Fiesta Sweater Complete

Fiesta Sweater
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Not the best picture, since it was taken at night, but it shows that the Fiesta Sweater ended up with arms and a neckline!

This one was a big experiment for me, to make teaching top-down sweaters more interesting. I made up the rounded V neck because I didn't want a total V. When I had finished the sweater, I edged it with a picot hem, which worked out fine--it's not folding out nor in (I have a shirt on under the sweater).

There was some fun pooling on the sleeves and a couple of places on the body. I like pooling, so sue me! Sleeves are in the columnar pattern that the bottom of the sweater is (from an old lace book I had), only in the green. And the insertion can be found in Knitting on the Edge or many other pattern books. It's common.

Why is this sweater in two unrelated colorways? Well, ya see, I ordered three large skeins of this wool, cashmere, and angora blend. They are big skeins (all the orange is one skein), but it turns out not quite enough to make a sleeved sweater. The other ball (yellow and blue) I think will be a vest of some sort. So, I mixed and matched. It looks very Hippie Chic I think.

What has surprised me is that the Fiesta Sweater doesn't look too bad at all on me! I don't look gigantic and it doesn't wash me out (thanks to my festively colored hair I guess.

My hope is to post a more clear photo of this later, when it is not rainy or dark. It is both today. On the Flikr stream, there's a picture of the back, too.

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  1. Hi SueAnn, I love all of your FO! The fiesta sweater is great, love the waist line panel. Your scarf is beautiful, and I think you already know that I'm ga-ga over the purple shrug! Can't wait to see what's next...


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