Friday, May 25, 2007

Icarius and WIP

Icarius close
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Since I'm on a lace kick, here's a sort-of close-up picture of my "Icarius" shawl, which is really Icarus, which was featured in Interweave Knits in 2006 (looks like I finished this in August '06). It's in KidSilk Haze (oops, Jody points out that it is Zephyr), in light sage green. We had a lot of fun mis-pronouncing Icarus while more than one of us at the LYS were working on this pattern, so I renamed it.

It was a fun shawl to make, even if I did have to start it multiple times (didn't like the gauge on the first needles I used, mis-interpreted instructions, etc.). I always seem to start shawls many times. The only "bad" thing about this one is that it really isn't very warm. So, I use it as a decor item or fashion accessory.

Work in Progress:

Cherry Leaf shawl is blocking. Sure hope that works! The pointy points are all stretching out on Jody's blocking wires and the rest looks much better stretched out. It is still going to be sorta weird, with such a perky colorway on lace, but I like it.

I went back to work on the shiny green sweater from the Rebecca magazine, which I have determined (by reading a label!) is being made from ggh Mystik yarn, half cotton half viscose. Every tiny irregularity in my stockinette sure is showing up. And it's hard to be all perfect with dogs jumping around, family members jiggling the bed, etc. I am glad I am making the body in the round, though, I am tired of purling. Only a couple of rows more and I get to start the sleeves, which I will also try to do in the round, leaving only a few inches of underarm to seam after joining and making the lovely round lace yoke.

Still making the center of the Rosebud Shawl. I do a few rows every day, and after mostly TINKing on Wednesday, made some progress.


  1. That icarus is stunning, really excellent work.

  2. Look!

    I found your blog and I'm making a comment. Sure, sure, it's to point out the fact that Icarius is knit with Zephyr and not KSH, but really, a comment's a comment, right?


  3. Oh, you are right. Thank you for being smart and for FINALLY looking at my danged blog.



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