Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tipsy Knitter Socks, and It's Done!

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Today here's a photo of one of my favorite socks ever. They are made with Regia Bamboo and they really are lovely to wear when it is warm outside (wore them just this weekend, in fact). The yarn has a slight sheen, which is nice, and was soft to knit with. The pattern is from Socks, Socks, Socks by the Knitter's Magazine folks. I recently saw a large scarf or wrap made from the slanty lace pattern. It was fun to do.

Sadly *someone* washed these socks with JEANS. They now look a bit dingy. Sigh. I plan to wash all my socks myself now, even though the culprit no longer washes my stuff.

And yes, yesterday I finished the Cherry Leaf shawl, so there'll just be one more post on it, when it is blocked! The body doesn't look too bad unblocked, but the border needs to be stretched out so you can see the lace. Gosh, I hope bamboo blocks well...eeek. If not, well, it's still a reasonable unblocked border...so, I just need to find a flat dog-free space for blocking. We should have a free bed tonight or tomorrow night, so there's hope!

I am wearing the shawl Jody made at work today. No comments at all. If it isn't golf, coworkers are not interested!

Update: Yay, I snapped up two skeins of Glacier Lake colorway laceweight yarn before it even got posted--not sure why I am so enamored of teal and gray at the moment, but I can just see a very beautiful shawl emerging from the shadowy depths of the yarn. Whee! I am told it is in the mail today! What service!

You can see what it looked like before it was dry and skeined up here. I believe mine is the far right and the middle hanks. They look pretty similar when dry. I really liked the middle one, but need two fairly similar to be the big shawl I am thinking of. Thanks to Ray for making it!


  1. I really like these socks. What an interesting and unusual colourway.

  2. Hi, I really could use some help with this tipsy knitter sock pattern. It seems that when I get to go arye when I get to round 14. To me It seems that the pattern should be the reverse of the 1-13 rnds. I am stopping untill I hear from you. If you like you could e-mail me at pearlygatespt53@aol.com.
    Thank you.


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