Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Aurora Scarf

Aurora Scarf
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Here's a more distant photo of the Aurora scarf, contrasting mightily with the outdoor chair cover.

And though I thought I would not have much occasion to drag this item out in public, I even wore it to work one day last week, with a lilac dress shirt. Interesting colors, huh: many shades of gray, brown, black, purple and lilac. I'd never have put those colors together, but Noro-san did. That dude really has a way with colors--I can't find a colorway of Kureyon that I don't like!

I did not block this scarfvery intensely, so when I wear it, it curves a bit, but I didn't want to stretch out the ribs.

By the way, if you're wondering how I am doing the pictures, I am using Flickr to blog photos from their interface. It's pretty convenient! And when you click, you can see other things I knitted.

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