Sunday, May 13, 2007

More Progress on Shawl

Yay! I finished the main body of the Cherry Leaf shawl and am cruising down the border. It took me a while to get going in the right direction, but it's a nice border when stretched out. I just can't memorize it, darn it, and occasionally lose my spot. I will probably have it memorized the last couple of repeats. The colors look a bit more realistic in this picture and the one below, and it straightened out nicely when I stretched it on the cushion. It seems a bit on the wide side compared to length, but that may change in blocking.

Here's a close-up of the border, I am doing the connecting in a slightly different way than usual, which I think, when blocked will look nice--won't have that effect that looks like a crochet slip stitch chain on it. (Speaking of which, there's a typo in Victorian Lace today, on this pattern, where they spell "stitches" "stices."

You can see that I broke down and bought a set of those little short double pointed needles for making the border. They are NICE, way less awkward than the circular one and even less unweildy than longer dpns. And since I am doing my next shawl on the same size needles, I should be able to use them again. A good investment. They also make nice cable needles.

Yeah, I picked my next shawl. It is the Rosebud Shawl from Heirloom Knitting, and it is going to be extremely red wool/cashmere laceweight (like Lacey Lamb in texture). I look forward to that challenge!

I got the new edition of Wild Fibers. I sure like that magazine. It's like National Geographic, only for knitters. The articles on Bhutan are very interesting, and there sure are some beautiful yaks, goats and alpacas in the pictures! I got to see a couple of friends at the yarn shop, but no Jody. Shoot, who's going to explain to me how to do the corner on the border? I am having trouble understanding the instructions and she's the expert translator.

Well, Happy Mothers' Day. I got myself the Knitpicks needles for the event, if they ever arrive. I hear I also will get some cards.


  1. The shawl is BEAUTIFUL, and the gradient yarn is amazing -- it would make my eyes cross trying to follow the pattern while the yarn changed color on me. Kudos to you.

    And yes, I've heard of lockerhooking. My cousin, the quilt-teacher up in Alaska does it! :-)

    Ray Whiting

  2. Hi Suna,
    Wow, what a shawl. Cool colours too. That magazine Wild Fibres sounds good. I think I'll check out if I can get it here. Thanks for your comment on my blog too.


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