Tuesday, May 15, 2007

She's So Bad...

Well, I said I would concentrate on nothing but the Cherry Leaf shawl. But last night we had to sit through a very long percussion recital (that is a lot of loud banging). And I knew I couldn't sit there with the chart on my lap, flopping the shawl over and over every short little row. So, I broke down. I started the Rosebud Shawl.

I knew that it started with a bunch of long rows of garter stitch. I used my new Addi Turbo lace needle in size 3 (oooh that is nice), and the incredibly red wool/cashmere laceweight yarn that I have many skeins of from one of Jody's yarn co-op purchases. I do believe this will look as nice in red as it does in white. If not, who cares. It's FUN to knit that teeny tiny yarn on the smooth brass needles with the extremely slick joins. I have to be a bit careful to form the stitches right--it's easy to reach in below the next stitch, so I have to look, but it's fun.

I couldn't stop. I knew I "should" work on my border more when I got home, but I just had to see how the lace would look. I had to force myself to put the darned thing down to go to bed. The center pattern of little rosebuds is nice and simple, and I know I will wish I got to do more than 12 repeats of it!

So far, the lace looks great, even unblocked. It's really neat how the whole thing can squish up into a couple of inches, but it stretches out quite wide. Yummy, yummy yarn.

But, I WILL finish the Cherry Leaf shawl, because I want to wear it!

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