Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Have You Heard of This?

I learn the strangest things when I do job searches. I visited the office of my previous contract employer on Monday, just to let them know I exist and that I'd love a permanent position somewhere. While there, I chatted with the dudes who interviewed me (both of whom, it turns out, live really near me). The main interviewer has only lived here a while, and seemed nice for a fellow who recruits accountants, mainly.

I mentioned that I teach knitting (naturally I did!) and he got all excited and said his wife was a big crafter, and that she did this thing, "hooking." I said, Rug hooking? Latch hooking?" and he said, no, that it was something else, something uncommon. I gave him my email address and phone number so he could tell me, 'cause it sounded weird.

Yesterday, I decided to google "hooking" and "craft" and sure enough, it came up. It is locker hooking (link has photos and info on how it is done). It looks like a cross between needlepoint and rug hooking. And according to this article (beware irritating pop-up ad), you can do it with roving.

Have you heard of this? Am I the only one who totally missed out on this craft? I wonder if there's anyone around Austin who does it other than the technical recruiter's spouse?

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