Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Aurora Scarf Close-Up

Aurora Scarf Close-Up
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I'll start posting with this really nice scarf I finished last month but only just managed to block last week. The yarn is Noro Aurora, which I got at the yarn shop that used to be in Lakeway, the only time I ever managed to get there and find it open. Now my wonderful LYS has this yarn, too. What interesting yarn! I had 5 balls, and only two of them had the color green in them, so I didn't use that color--and the lilac you see in the photo only appeared once. The shiny parts are green lurex and it is just right. Adds a bit of shine but isn't distracting.

The pattern is a Eugen Beugler Fiber Trends one, Fuschia Lace. I love his patterns. The border is twisted garter stitch for better definition, with little cables to give the scalloped edge. And the pattern is hard enough to be interesting but easy enough to memorize. I really enjoyed doing this one!

By the way, this is the first post I wrote, though I am going to back-date some others.

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