Saturday, May 26, 2007

Cherry Leaf Shawl!

Woo hoo! Here is the completed Cherry Leaf Shawl from Victorian Lace Today, in SWTC Bamboo yarn on size 4 needles. I'll put two more pictures in another post. I am happy with the size it came out--just right, as far as I am concerned. And it drapes beautifully!

What a relief--it blocked and it blocked well. So, anyone wondering about bamboo, it will keep its blocking (at least for a day, ha ha).

The shawl looks like one kind of thing from a distance, then when you get close, the pattern actually does show up--not bad for variegated yarn on a lace project (yeah, it's a sin, I know, but I LIKE it).

I am pretty happy with this one, and iwth how the back looks, too--I turned the corner all right, after all.

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