Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Fiesta Sweater, in Progress

Fiesta Sweater, in Progress
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Yes, it's bright. Yes, those colors don't really go together. It's a long story. I'll give more details when it is finished, but, to whet your appetite, this sweater is made from wool/cashmere/angora blend that I got with Jody got in a co-op purchase. It's from Alaska; that's all I remember. There's a Schaeffer product that is the same blend that the LYS sells for $96 a skein (big skeins).

Why did I make this? I was teaching a top-down sweater class and did not want to make another plain one (here's a link to the previous one) even though the Silk Garden one is lovely. So, I put in a hole pattern I saw in Vogue Knitting on a totally different sweater, then made up an interesting (to me) neckline. Since I knew there was not enough yarn to make the whole sweater, I added a leaf insertion from an old lace book I had (found it in Knitting on the Edge, too). As you can see I also did a different pattern on the bottom and arms. Whee.

I do like top-down knitting. I hate seams, even though I am finally good at mattress stitching after over 40 years of knitting!

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