Thursday, May 3, 2007

Fiesta Sweater Close Up

Fiesta Close Up
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Here's a close-up of the Fiesta Sweater so you can see the patterns I used. The top shows a simple yarnover grid. It was fun and easy, except boy howdy it was hard to keep from forgetting to do one. There's also a hole-free zone in the front that I'd accidentally put holes in sometimes (I did this because, of course, the pattern didn't work out evenly, since I winged it.

The middle is the leaf insertion. I got it fairly smooth by joining two body stitches every third right-side row, then when picking up on the bottom, adding those stitches back. I like the leaf pattern a lot. It's a lot easier than it looks. It's fun to add an inserted element like that!

The bottom was supposed to be slightly wavy, but didn't come out that way. It's a yo, k3tog pattern, like a mini feather and fan, but too mii, I think. It did add the verticle lines I'd hoped for. The idea is that it would make my hips look smaller (as if the insertion didn't make my waist look bigger). The same pattern repeats on the arms, where I let it get bigger and bigger for a few rows at the end, to make a slight bell. The garter stitch edging at the bottom was going to be something more interesting, but since I ran out of the orange-ish yarn I couldn't repeat a more interesting thing on the sleeves. So, oh well.

An experiment that was not a total failure!

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